Historic New Haven


picture of Downtown New Haven around 1922

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, join us in looking forward to this enlightening journey into New Haven’s past. 

Soon you will be able to explore the early years of New Haven’s history and discover how those years shaped our City. The story will be told through a series of engaging “discovery sites” placed along the path where history was made. Each site will be a visually striking piece of functional art that realistically portrays the history made at that site. A QR code embedded in each site will provide access to the narrative that will be located here for viewing on the internet. 

Historic New Haven will showcase and celebrate the City’s distinctive history to ground us in the past as the City continues to grow from new opportunities. Along the way, these alluring spaces will offer new experiences and ways for people to interact, helping make New Haven an even more pleasing and family-friendly place to live!

We can’t wait to debut this experience as part of the Allen County Bicentennial Celebration beginning in the spring.

Be sure to look for updates!