Clerk-Treasurer's Office


The Clerk-Treasurer's Office is responsible for the overall finances of the City. They provide accounting and control services for all financial activities of the City, the East Central Fire Station, the New Haven-Adams Township Parks and Recreation Department, and other auxiliary organizations. Every four years, the New Haven Clerk-Treasurer is elected to office along with the Mayor and Common Council. The duties of the Clerk-Treasurer's duties are specifically defined by law.

Overall Duties

Documentation Duties

    • see to documents and books entrusted to the office by statute of ordinance
    • serve as clerk of the city legislative body and maintain custody of its records
    • serve as clerk to the East Central Fire & EMS Protection Territory Board
    • monthly utility billing for all residents
    • solemnize marriages
    • swear-in police officers and firefighters

Fiscal Officer Duties

    • financial advisor to the Mayor and City Council
    • audit all accounts of the City and submit an annual report
    • issue all City licenses
    • manage and invest finances and accounts
    • process city employee's payroll
    • receipt and deposit all incoming funds