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About the City Council

The New Haven City Council comprises of the Mayor, Clerk - Treasurer, and 7 Council Members who serve four-year terms with elections in odd-numbered year:

  • Mayor Steven S. McMichael
  • Clerk - Treasurer Angie Hamrick
  • Matt Newbauer, Council District 1
  • Jeff Turner, Council District 2
  • Craig Dellinger, Council District 3
  • Mike Mowery, Council District 4
  • Amelia Gascoigne, Council District 5
  • Bob Byrd, Council At Large
  • Terry Werling, Council At Large

The Mayor, Clerk - Treasurer, and Council are responsible for the efficient operation of the city government through policies and ordinances that are carried out by the Mayor and Administrative Staff. 

Specifically, the Common Council exercises the city legislative authority (I.C. 36-4-4-4) and makes the laws the city and appropriates the City's finances. The Council is responsible for budgeting, taxation, and management of City property. The Council is accountable to the residents of New Haven.

Ways to Contact the City Council

Public Hearing Comments

Public hearings are one way that the City collects feedback on specific decisions. The goal of a public hearing is to ensure all perspectives have been surfaced and considered. You can also provide public comments on our community board "Our Community, Your Voice".

Community Comment During a City Council Meeting

Community Comment is a time on the agenda for the public to raise issues or make comments during a Council meeting. Individuals have a specified time to speak and are asked to provide their name and address. Community Comments can be related to 1) an item on the current meeting agenda, 2) a topic planned for a future public hearing, 3) a topic for which a public hearing was held in the preceding 30 days.

Email the Mayor and all Council Members at info@NewHaven.In.Gov

Emails sent to this address are received and read by the Mayor and all Council Members. Due to open meeting laws, Council Members cannot engage in back-and-forth emails involving a quorum of three or more members. As a result, you might receive a response from all members, or you might receive a response from a staff member.

Contact the Mayor of Individual Council Members by Phone, Email, or Letter

All Council Members are elected by either their designated district or at-large, which means they represent their specific section of the City or the entire City. Contact information for each member is located on the right (desktop) or the bottom of this page (mobile).

Regular Council Meetings

Meetings of the New Haven City Council are typically held at 6 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of the month. The Council holds other special meetings from time to time.

Meetings of the New Haven Council are shown live on the City's Facebook Page. They are always available on the social platform. **the City has plans to provide archived video on the website soon

Council Meeting Agendas

Agendas are available for each meeting. The agenda includes time for public hearings on subjects such as proposed ordinances, planning and zoning matters, assessments, and public improvements. Agenda items routinely include Community Comment, award of bids, Reports and Recommendations, and comments by Council Members, Clerk - Treasurer, or Mayor. Agendas are available prior to the meetings and minutes are available following approval. If you cannot physically attend the meetings, they are available on Facebook Live, and will be archived on this site.

Need Help?

Contact Executive Assistant Deb-Anne Smith if you have questions.