Find or Request Public Records

Finding Public Records

City Code: New Haven's Code of Ordinances have the full force and effect of law. It's divided by chapters and is searchable by phrase or topic,

New Haven Documents Archive: This searchable online database is an archive of public records. You can find resolutions, ordinances, Council minutes, and much more.

Public Meetings: Agendas, meeting packets, and minutes of the City Council and of the City's boards and commissions can be found by date or topic online via Agenda Center.

Website: Recent records such as press releases or publications are searchable on NewHaven.IN.Gov and on the News page.

Requesting Public Records

The City is committed to providing the public with access to government data in accordance with the law. The Access to Public Records Act (ARPA) Indiana Code 5-14-3 gives you the right to see and have copies of public data that the City keeps.

To put in a Request for Public Date, please complete the below form. Someone from the Clerk's office will contact you if there is any farthing information needed.

Request for Public Data

  1. You do not have to provide contact information. However, to communicate with you about your request, we will need a way to contact you.

    * Request for Records Pursuant to Indiana Access to Public Records Act (I.C. 5-14-3-1, et seq., as amended)

  2. Questions?

    Contact City Clerk - Treasurer Angie Hamrick at 260.748.7012.

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