City Goals

Plans & Strategy

The Mayor, Clerk Treasurer, and staff develop annual goals each year that coincide with the operating budget and strategies. The process begins with identifying the budget objectives, which help the City with its overall strategic planning.

From the budget objectives, City staff members develop a list of actions to reach each objective and the overall yearly goal. Departments are tasked with the responsibility of reporting progress on each action so that communication and collaboration remain at the forefront of the City's government. The reports are sent to the City Council to keep Council Members and the public updated.

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The City of New Haven has four ongoing goals for the year:

Strong Foundation

Maintain physical assets and infrastructure.

Reliable Communication

Maintain a level of service and communication that best meet the community's needs.

Livable City

Plan for a connected and sustainable development that progresses the New Haven while still serving the community.


We believe in creating a City for all residents and visitors in which New Haven is the NHExT place to work, live, and play.