Mayor's Office

Mayor Steve McMichael is the elected leader of New Haven. As mayor, his administrative goals are to: "Make New Haven the best place to Live, Work, Play, Run a Business, or Visit Northeast Indiana".

Mayor Steve places a strong emphasis on:

  • Open Communication - innovation and Accountability are being achieved through increasing ways of communication with our city's residents, businesses, and community leaders.
  • Economic Development - highlight housing, commercial, and industrial prospects opportunities that are abundant in our great city
  • Public Safety - taking care of our public safety is one of our top priorities with programs that include ALS EMS service to our Police, Fire, and Dispatch Staff
  • Fiscal Responsibility - together with the Clerk-Treasurer, we strive to identify inefficiencies and aim to upgrade processes to remain good stewards of tax payer money
  • Intra-Government Relationships - building relationships with other elected officials including Congressional and Senator Officials in Washington D.C. and Indianapolis; is very important to our Administration
  • Quality of Life - creating New Haven into an even greater place to live, from the planned improvements at The Community Center to discussions of increased connectivity thru our trail system is extremely important to us
  • Infrastructure - in an effort to minimize the financial burdens on our citizens, New Haven has created a Comprehensive Plan in our continued efforts to repair our roadways, utility infrastructure and other community needs
  1. Powers
  2. Duties
  1. Recommend to City Council any action Mayor considers proper.
  2. Call a special meeting of City Council when necessary.
  3. Supervise subordinate officers.
  4. Approve or veto ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the legislative body.
  5. Appoint heads of departments, employees of the departments, and many board and commission members.
  6. Suspend or remove officers or employees appointed by the Mayor.
  7. Fix the salaries of all appointed officials or employees appointed (except police, firefighters and appointees of the Clerk-Treasurer.
  8. Conduct monthly meetings of department heads, adopt rules and regulations for individual. departments and arrange for unannounced audits of accounts for departments.
  9. Fill vacancies in city offices when required.
  10. Sign all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city.
  11. Perform wedding ceremonies.
  12. Serve as presiding officer of the City Council and only votes in the event of a tie (3rd class cities).
  13. Mayor appoints the City Attorney who manages the city's legal affairs.
  14. Serve as Chairman of the Board of Public Works and Safety.