Recruitment Information - Fire & EMS

Maumee Township Fire Station

The City of New Haven prioritizes safety more than anything; this is why we extremely value our fire and police departments and have high performance standards for those who fill these roles. New Haven's Fire Department members are expected to work hard and provide a high quality of service to the community in order to continue to ensure that our community remains safe for our residents, and they receive premier service.

Job Requirements

All firefighters are trained based on NFPA standards and all are currently certified by the State of Indiana. Some other general requirements that come with position include:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • EMT Certified
  • Indiana State driver's license
  • Free of criminal record
  • Physical durability
  • Free from medical conditions that can impede the recruit from completing the necessary physical requirements of the job
  • Be 21-35 years old - must be 21 prior to application date and must be sworn in prior to 36th birthday

Hiring Process

Candidates can expect the following:
  • Medical exam
  • Multi-stage interview process
  • Physical ability test
  • Training program
  • Written test during application process

Certifications & Licenses

Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be a Current National Registry certification at the paramedic level or current Indiana paramedic license.

Available Positions

The City appreciates your interest in employment. New Haven fall within and is served by the East Central Fire Territory. We are seeking talented and service-oriented people to join our team and assist us in providing the very best for our community and its ever-changing needs.

Our job postings are updated throughout the year when new jobs are made available. Applications will be accepted only for jobs that have open listings. Applications will not be considered for any jobs that are listed as closed or as a filled position. If you are interested in applying for a job with the Fire Department, please check for current job postings.

East Central Fire Territory by the Numbers

  • 36 Career Staff and Administration
  • 36 Part-Time Staff
  • 8 Volunteer Recruits
  • 31 Full-Time Firefighters
  • 46 volunteer Staff
  • 13 Paramedics

The Fire Department currently serves approximately 45 square miles of coverage area and an estimated 30,000 residents. This are coverage includes:

  • Over 600 industrial and commercial businesses
  • 17 schools
  • 2 large railroad systems
  • Numerous chemical distribution facilities
  • 12 miles of the Maumee River
  • 20+ miles of Interstate 469
  • Some coverage of U.S. Highway 24, 30, and State Road 14 and 930


The average salary for a firefighter in Indiana is usually between $34,839 and $84,828 per year.