Plan Commission

The Commission holds public hearings to review applications for development plans and plats. They also review rezoning petitions and amendments to the New Haven Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinances with final authority lying with the New Haven City Council. Prior to public hearings, a legal notice of the hearing will be published in the Fort Wayne newspapers and also notify any interested parties by mail. The staff notifies any property owners in the immediate area of the subject site and affected neighborhood associations.

The Commission is an advisory body to the City Council regarding matters of the City's growth and development. Members are appointed based upon their experience and aptitude to review development plans and petitions adhering to the standards set forth by the Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinances.

Meetings: Meets 6 p.m. second Tuesday of the month.

Decisions made by the Commission members must support the Comprehensive Plan in order:

  • That adequate qualities may be secured:
    • air
    • convenience of access
    • light
    • safety from fire, flood, and other dangers
  • That the congestion in the public streets may be lessened or avoided
  • That variables of the public may be promoted such as:
    • comfort
    • convenience
    • general public welfare
    • health
    • morals
    • safety


Applications made to the Commission must be completed by the petitioner or an authorized agent and turned into the Planning Department by the close of business on the filing deadline listed on the Public Meeting Calendar. This allows time for staff to provide a public notice as required by Indiana Code and all submitted information is shared with board members prior to hearing.

When reviewing petitions, the Commission will consider:

  • existing conditions
  • the character of buildings erected in each district
  • conservation of property values throughout the territory of the Commission
Seat Member Position Term Ends
1 Mickey Hill President 12/31/23
2 Bruce Bestul Park Board 12/31/23
3 Mike Mowery Council 12/31/23
4 Kevin York Member 12/31/24
5 Kevin Richardson Member 12/31/24
6 Richard Krutchen Member 12/31/23
7 Ivan Almodovar Member 12/31/24
8 Troy Benningan Member 12/31/25
9 Emily Watkins Member 12/31/23
10 Jon Stauffer Fringe Representative 12/31/26
11 Rick Trabel Fringe Representative 12/31/25