Ordinances & Plans


New Haven's City Council and Commissions work diligently to continue making New Haven one of the best places to live, work, play, and visit in Northeast Indiana. Our City follows the New Haven Unified Development Ordinance to regulate and maintain our superior standards towards zoning, development, and permitting of new construction projects throughout New Haven. in order to ensure that the ordinances stay up to date, the Planning Department works in tandem with not only the Engineering and Economic Development Departments, but also Allen County's Building Department.

  • New Haven Unified Development Ordinance
    The City of New Haven has adopted a unified development ordinance for the regulation of zoning and subdivisions. Coning Districts, developmental standards, sign regulations, and much more more can be found in New Haven's Unified Development Ordinance.

City Plans

Communities evolve and the best ones have a long-term plan to guide them in their journey. In local government, these plans are that guide which helps us navigate development and redevelopment, along with addressing changes that are likely to occur due to various social and market forces.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is meant to provide New Haven with an outline for future development by being a strategic guide to help manage and facilitate stable and desired economic growth. The Plan showcases the existing conditions of the community's infrastructure and outlines the desired goals and objectives that integrates with New Haven's vision and the strategies to move that vision forward.

The City Council formally adopted the 2023 Comprehensive Plan on January 11, 2023, and it is now in effect. New Haven hadn't had an updated plan in 10 years so it was imperative that a new one be the City's top priority.

The adoption was a culmination of work involving residents business people, and City staff that began in 2022. Numerous public meeting and multiple rounds of public comment were conducted. American Structurepoint was contracted to help create a tailor-made plan to benefit the community as a whole. Along with helping guide local government officials, non-government community organizations, leaders, and all citizens; the Comprehensive Plan will allow for New Haven to apply for State and Federal funding got proposed projects.

Lincoln Highway Corridor Plan

The City of New Haven conducted a study to evaluate the excisiting conditions of the 1.5 mile section of Indiana 930, from Maplecrest Road to Hartzell Road. The goal, in tandem with the Comprehensive Plan, is to present a vision for reimagining the Lincoln Corridor's design as a safe, vibrant, and attractive urban destination. In the next 5, 10, and 20 years, through innovative development, partnerships with other agencies, intentional infrastructure investment, and coalition building; the City is committed to honoring the historic significance of Lincoln Highway and reinventing it as a premier urban destination among the best in Indiana and beyond.

The Plan calls for the corridor to support new retail, employment, and housing opportunities that serve New Haven residents, businesses, and visitors traveling to New Haven from around the region. The Corridor Plan offers specific infrastructure and development concepts that range from trail alignment and neighborhood connections to mixed-use development concepts, monument design, identity creation, and material selection.

Lincoln Highway serves as the front door to the City of New Haven and the Corridor Plan creates an urban design framework for its transition into a place that links New Haven's residents and neighborhoods to the City's economic drivers. In the future, Lincoln Highway will grow to be able to support more transportation needs of freight, vehicle traffic, bicyclists and transit in a manner that is more aesthetically inviting and environmentally friendly.

You can also visit the "City Goals" page to find out more information on how New Haven is structured and its guiding principals.