Planning Permits & Applications

If you are applying for a permit for an upcoming project, New Haven offers fillable permit applications that include digital signature fields. Below, you will find the current City of New Haven's Planning Department fillable applications and updated permits. It is recommend for the smoothest submission process, to contact the Planning Director for direction and questions prior to submitting an application.

Fillable & Printable Applications

To access the fillable form function, open the pdf of the application type you are requesting and click "Save As" to save to your computer. Once the application has been completed, please email the filled application to the Planning Department with your plan.


  • Driveway/Sidewalk Permit
    Driveways, sidewalks, and/or temporary construction construction entrances require the Driveway/Sidewalk Permit. If you are looking to have work done on a residential driveway or sidewalk, please view the Additional Requirements for Residential Driveway (PDF). You can also contact the Planning Department for questions and concerns.
  • Right-of-Way Cut Permit
    Right-of-Way (ROW) permits are required any time work (dig, cut, or bore) will be done in the City of New Haven's Right-of-Way.
  • Special Hauling Permit
    Any oversized or overweight loads that will be using the City of New Haven's roads are required to apply for a Special Hauling Permit. The current cost for this permit is $65.00.
  • Special Event Permit
    Special Events such as: a marathon or run/walk event, concert, block party, or any event that will require the use of Police Officers, barricades, or the closing of roads; are required to apply for a Special Event Permit. This permit also has special directions attached explaining any cost or bonds required to acquire the permit.

Difficulty Locating Items?

If you are looking for further information, please contact the Planning Department directly at 260.748.7040. For any questions that we might not be able to answer, please visit Allen County's website.