Street Repair

While the City of New Haven's Street Division is not large, our team works exceptionally hard to ensure the entire city is covered and remains safe for drivers and pedestrians. Routine maintenance of the streets reduce the number of repairs required, so you will often see team members outside working on maintaining the quality of our roads and sidewalks.


Through New Haven's SeeClickFix 311 app, residents are equipped with the ability to immediately report potholes and other city repairs that need to be addressed. New Haven's Street Division within the Public Works Department makes it a priority to respond to those reports as quickly as possible. We prioritize potholes by determining the severity and the location of the potholes when preparing a repair during blacktop season.

Mill & Overlay

New Haven makes it a priority to keep roads up to standard when it comes to repairs and reconstruction. We know how critical bad road condition can be to the life of vehicles and to delaying Tavel, which is why we use the mill and overlay programs. In 2023, the City was awarded one million dollars from the Indiana Department of Transportation's Community Crossings Matching Grant Program. The grant is part of the Governor's Next Levels Road Initiative, which aims to invest in local streets and roads. The City plans to use this grant to mill and overlay more then ten city streets.

Overlay is a structural improvement that renews streets surfaces and extends the life cycle of the original pavement. Overlays are completed on both good and bad roads, and whether the roads only receive an overfill or a mill as well is determined by the condition of the road in questions, Roads that are in good condition receive a mill and overlay, whereas bad roads receive a thin overlay that is put in place to keep the road in drivable condition until the road can be completely reconstructed.

Concrete: Street, Sidewalk, Curb, & Gutter Repair

The City of New Haven is made up of miles of concrete; whether it's streets, curbs, gutters, or sidewalks, it all can pose tripping hazards or be in state of overall disrepair. While our Streets team tries their hardest to make sure this doesn't happen, we understand that some things can be overlooked. If you have any concerns surrounding a potential concrete hazard in the City of New Haven, please report it to SeeClickFix.

Street Sweeping

New Haven Public Works knows that it is important not only to residents but to any visitors passing through, that we keep roadways safe from hazards. That means, whether we are filling a large pothole or sweeping the street of temporary hazards, we implement street sweepers to ensure safe transportation. This does not only improve driving conditions, but it also improves air and stormwater quality by ridding it of toxins like roadkill, garbage, and more.