Leaf Pick-Up & Snow Plowing

NH Public Works Leaf Truck

The New Haven Public Works Department takes a great deal of pride in the service that it provides to the residents of this community. During the fall and winter months, nearly all of the Public Works Department works on leaf pick up to cover every neighborhood in city limits, and snow and ice control to ensure safe travel. 

Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf pick-up typically takes place from late October into early December. The leaf schedules are subject to change with the weather. Updates will be made to our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram), where dates will be posted. Updates can also be seen on the Home page of our website.

Public Work will make at least two rounds of pick-ups for leaves raked to the curb. The City is divided into three sections (North, Central, and South) with Rose Avenue and State Road 930 serving as the bisecting lines. All leaves that are picked up are added to the public compost pile, which is made available to all residents for free. The standard rules that apply are as follows:

  1. The leaf schedule is subject to weather. Updates will be made if dates are adjusted due to weather.
  2. When your leaves begin to fall, please put your leaves on the park strip between the sidewalk and curb (NOT IN THE STREET). Please keep the leaves away from street signs, light poles, mailboxes, and parked cars.
  3. Bagged leaves WILL NOT be accepted at the street as this will inhibit the pick-up process and the bags are not conducive to composting.
  4. All of the leaves that are picked up will be composted. Compost is available for free to the public at the Utility Complex.
  5. Residents can put leaves in biodegradable bags and bring them to the Public Works building (2201 Summit Street, New Haven, IN 46774) and drop them off at the compost pile.
  6. There is no collection on Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

2023 New Haven Neighborhood Leaf Schedule

Snow Plowing

The City of New Haven is responsible for the clearing of streets in a professional, safe, and timely manner. During the event of a snow storm, City crews are responsible for plowing all city streets once 3 inches of snow or more has accumulated. City plows begin by first clearing the main roads in New Haven, and proceeding to secondary streets and subdivisions once snowfall has ended.  

It is the resident’s responsibility to make sure that they have removed their vehicles from the street to the best of their ability before a heavy snow or snow emergency. This allows the snow plows to clear the streets more efficiently and keeps residents from getting blocked in. It is NOT the responsibility of the city plows to come back through your street after your vehicle has been dug out and removed. 

Sidewalks in front of your home or businesses are required to be cleared by the resident or business owners themselves. City ordinance prohibits throwing the snow back onto the streets and/or sidewalks once they have been plowed.

For any further questions, please contact the Public Works Superintendent, Dave Jones, directly at 260.748.7056.