Neighborhood Advocate Program

About the Program

Deb-Anne Smith, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, serves as New Haven's dedicated Neighborhood Advocate. She collaborates with residents aspiring to establish new neighborhood associations while maintaining unwavering commitment to preserving relationships with current neighborhood leaders and fortifying existing communities.

The key to a thriving neighborhood association lies in individuals willing to commit to community involvement and action. An organized and active neighborhood contributes to the strength and vitality of the overall community.

What Residents Receive

The Neighborhood Advocate in New Haven cultivates connections and enhances communication between local government and its citizens by:

  • Understanding residents' needs and preferences
  • Establishing diverse communication channels with residents
  • Fostering social interactions within the community
  • Enhancing the capacity to address needs through increased resident participation and interaction
  • Advocating for the overall welfare of the community

More Information

For more information, contact the Mayor's Executive Assistant, Deb-Anne Smith at 260.748.7070.