Bill Fritcha Memorial Award

The Bill Fritcha Memorial Award recognizes the valuable contributions our City's volunteers are making in the community and encourages more people to serve. The award was established in 2011 to create a way to thank and honor individuals by their commitment and example to inspire others to engage in volunteer service. Bill Fritcha recipients set the standard for service, encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation, and inspires others to make service a part of their lives.

Previous winners include Stacey McDaniel, Craig Dellinger, and Bob and Sue Byrd, for their commitments to go above and beyond for our communities. Learn more about past winners.

Make a Nomination

Nominations are usually accepted between the beginning of November and the first week of January each year. During the nomination period, a form will appear below to submit a nomination.

This award is made through nominations. The nominations process shall consist of a letter of endorsement for the nominee. Each letter needs to include:

  • Your relationship to the nominee.
  • A list of examples demonstrating the nominee's acts of service to the New Haven community without any need for recognition or fame.
  • A list of specific examples showing the impact the nominee's volunteer efforts have made in New Haven
  • Specific examples of the nominee's acts of kindness that are unknown to most people.