Utility Rates

Utility rates change  when there has been an update in ordinances and policies to continue to replace and maintain the City of New Haven's water, sewage, and storm sewer infrastructure. They reviews our rates, and comprehensive study annually and updates it as necessary. The cost of routine maintenance and service of the Utility system increases on occasion as well.

Summer Wastewater Discount

Customers typically use the most water during the summer months; therefore, all residential customers inside the city limits are automatically put on a discounted wastewater rate for the summer. This discount allows customers to use more water while paying less wastewater. Each customer's discount is unique to their own usage average for the previous months of December, January, February and March. This average becomes the wastewater cap for any water used over and above their average during the summer discount time frame (May 8, 2024 to September 7, 2024). 

Example: Customer "A" has an average of 5,000 gallons of water from December to March June's water usage is 8,500 gallons but they are only charged for 5,000 gallons of wastewater. They are getting a discount of 3,500 gallons on their waste water portion of their bill.

2024 Fees and Rates

Water Service - Metered Rates

UsageInside City FeesOutside City Fees
First 2,500 Gallons - 4,999 Gallons$10.26$12.23
Per 5,000 Gallons - 10,4999 Gallons$9.21$11.05
Per 10,500 Gallons - 17,999 Gallons$8.25$9.89
Per 18,000 Gallons - 23,999 Gallons$7.72$9.30
Per 24,000 Gallons - 93,999 Gallons$7.24$8.67
Per 94,000 Gallons and Up$6.68$8.00

Water Services - Meter Size

Meter SizeInside City FeesOutside City Fees
3/4 inch$20.52$24.57
5/8 inch$20.52$24.57
1 inch$37.80$45.51
1.5 inches$69.12$82.98
2 inches$116.88$140.27
3 inches$209.00$250.83
4 inches$324.26$389.10
6 inches$519.96$623.97

Water Service - Sprinkler Meters

Meter SizeFeeFrequency
4 inches$594.13Annual
6 inches$802.08Annual
8 inches$997.30Annual
10 inches$1,574.42Annual
12 inches$2,257.69Annual

Water Services - Private Fire Hydrant

Inside City Limits$802.08Annual
Outside City Limits$962.50Annual

Meter Charge

Meter SizeFeesAdditional Charges
3/4 inch$240.007% Indiana Tax
1 inch$325.007% Indiana Tax
1.5 inches$480.007% Indiana Tax
2 inches$610.007% Indiana Tax


Meter SizeBase RightFrequency
3/4 inch$41.96Charged Monthly
5/8 inch$41.96Charged Monthly
1 inch$49.72Charged Monthly
1.5 inches$162.59Charged Monthly
2 inches$305.62Charged Monthly
3 inches$734.98Charged Monthly
4 inches$1,338.05Charged Monthly
6 inches$3,034.85Charged Monthly

** Rate Calculator: 0.948 x Usage + Base Rate Based on Meter Size
example: if Usage is 35 and Meter Size is 3/4 inch then 0.948 x 35 + $41.96 = $75.14/month

Storm Water

Residential$5.35Charged Monthly
CommercialBased on ERU'sCharged Monthly

Connection Rates

TypeInside City FeesOutside City Fees
Sewer Connection$1,500.00$1,800.00
Water Tap$2,000.00$2,000.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Service TypeFeesFrequency
Deposits$100.00One-Time Fee
NSF Fee$25.00ONe-Time Fee
Trip Charge$20.00Per Trip
Meter Testing$40.00Per Trip
After Hours, Holiday, Weekend Trip Charge$40.00Per Trip
Temporary 45 Day Construction Water$45.00One-Time Fee