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Contact Us Forms

  1. Available Volunteer Opportunities

    This form is to be used to contact the volunteer coordinator about open volunteer opportunities within the city.

  2. City Council
  3. Code Enforcement
  4. Emergency Medical Services
  5. Fire Department
  6. Human Resources
  7. Parks & Recreation
  8. Police
  9. Public Works Department

    This form is to be used to contact the Public Works Department for non-emergent issues. If you have an emergent issue please call... More…

  10. Request for Volunteer Services

    This form is to be used to contact the volunteer coordinator to request volunteer services.

  1. Board of Public Works & Safety
  2. Clerk-Treasurer
  3. Economic Development
  4. Engineering
  5. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  6. Mayor's Office
  7. Planning
  8. Public Hearing Comments and Questions

    This form is to be used to submit online comments and questions for a public hearing.

  9. Request for Public Records

    Please use this form to request records.

  10. Utility Office

Event Forms

  1. Fall Festival Vendor Form 2023

    Retail Vendor application for Fall Festival on Saturday, October 21st, 2023 from 1:00PM - 5:00PM. At Schnelker Park, 956 Park Ave, New... More…

Park Donations

  1. Marylands Farm Park Donation

    Use this form to submit an online donation to Marylands Farm Park

Police Department

  1. Anonymous Crime Tip Hotline

    Please use this form to report criminal activity within the City of New Haven. All submissions are confidential and will not be shared... More…

  1. Request for Access to Public Records