What is the Mayor’s responsibility in economic development?

The Mayor oversees the Planning and Economic Development Departments and its efforts to attract new employers and businesses to the community. New Haven works in a cooperative effort with the Fort Wayne/Allen County Economic Development Alliance, which is an independent office marketing the Allen County area to prospective employers. The New Haven economic development professionals work closely with the Alliance on many projects each year and the relationship has proven to be very successful.

Many residents have expressed an interest and desire for a wider variety of stores and restaurants in New Haven. Although the Mayor doesn’t have the ability to bring any particular business to the city, Mayor McMichael is working diligently to promote residential growth and bolstering our demographics. By strengthening our population, raising our per capita income and investing in our infrastructure, New Haven will become more attractive to the business and employment opportunities our residents want to have.

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5. What is the Mayor’s responsibility in economic development?