How can we reduce crime?

The ideal goal in the battle against crime is preventing crime all together.

While we realize that crime cannot be totally eliminated, the New Haven Police Department acknowledges the importance of educating the public on the best ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Prevention Steps

The following are some of the ways that the New Haven Police Department helps to educate the public in crime prevention:

  • Establishing Neighborhood Officer Liaisons with associations
  • Presenting Senior Safety Programs to protect against swindle and scams
  • Provides home checks to residents that will be gone on business or vacation
  • Provides Robbery and Theft prevention training to local banks and businesses
  • Publishing articles and presenting prevention tips (e.g. holiday safety/home security/auto thefts) in the local papers and on television stations
  • School visits to discuss the consequences of committing crimes such as stealing and shoplifting
  • Starting up and working to maintain Neighborhood Watch Programs in the neighborhoods

All of our officers are well versed in crime prevention and willing to help any resident in need of crime prevention advice.

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