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Posted on: January 29, 2024 | Last Modified on: January 29, 2024

New Haven Has Another Successful Year and Presents its 2023 Annual Report

New Haven pictures of the past, present, and future

Mayor McMichael presented his 5th State of the City Address, where he spotlighted his achievements during his first term, provide updates on ongoing projects, and shared his vision for the future. This comprehensive overview, delved into the progress made in New Haven, the current state of affairs, and the exciting prospects ahead for the community. Below, you can read his State of the City Speech he gave on January 25th, 2024:

Thank you for joining us today and thank you to our friends at New Haven Chamber of Commerce including President and CEO Tammy Taylor and GFW including President and CEO John Urbahns for sponsoring today’s event and lunch. Thank you also to Carson, this year’s MYAC President for his State of the Youth Address. I’m extremely proud of the MYAC participants and I am reminded that our future is bright with our next generation of leaders.

It’s Hard to believe that this is my 5th state of the city already, it has been a great honor to serve as your Mayor. Simply put its never about any one person, myself included, its about the community, and that’s what Team New Haven does every day, I couldn’t be more proud to be part of any team then Team New Haven.

During the first term Team New Haven created new events like Summer Fest, Flag Day, Fall Fest and Holiday Homecoming, events to bring the community together, we also have brought back Citizens’ Academy, MYAC, and more.

New Haven is a resilient community that continues to grow and pivot as the world changes and I know that New Haven residents will make the best choices for themselves and their families. Our brightest days are ahead of us, not in our past!  While some may wish for the comforts of the pass, I urge our citizens to look forward to the future so that we may plan a city for our future generations. times have changed, the world has changed, the landscape in which we conduct our lives has drastically changed. We now have essential items delivered to our front door in just a day by Amazon, WalMart, and others. The retail landscape has changed for sure, not just in our great city, but everywhere.

2023 was another groundbreaking year in our community. One of Today’s sponsors, GFW, is helping all of Allen County, including New Haven to build a nationally recognized economy. As part of a dynamic region our opportunities are immense. With GFW’s support, New Haven is capitalizing on this momentum to build this region and our community. Recently, our collaboration with the Historic Broadway organization, spearheaded by the New Haven Chamber of Commerce, is a great example of partnerships to better serve the community.

I would like to thank our newly elected council members Bob Byrd and Amelia Cascoigne and as well as our returning council members Matt Neubauer, Jeff Turner, Craig Dellinger, Mike Mowery, and the senior dean of New Haven and Allen County politics: Terry Werling. I appreciate their dedication to help guide our city forward. Special thanks to our volunteer board and commission members who have stepped up to be advocates for their friends, family and neighbors. From Plan Commission to Board of Works, Police Merit Board and more.    As a former member of various boards and commissions I know how hard they work to represent New Haven.

TOGETHER - We are all collaborating to Build a Better New Haven on a daily basis.

I have the pleasure of working each day with a dedicated team of amazing employees, over 150 strong. Your city’s staff takes immense pride and does an amazing job in providing services to you and the entire community. Parks, Public Safety, Public Works, Planning, Engineering and more!

In the first term of this administration, we had a third party, VS Engineering- rate every section of street, spanning over 80 miles.  The study confirmed the infrastructure improvement needs were greater than our financial resources.  We developed an ambitious plan to get caught up on deferred maintenance this decade. I am proud to say we are on track on rehabilitating, maintaining, and repaving plan.

Recently, the city was awarded a 1-million-dollar matching grant from INDOT as part of the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program. The following streets will be resurfaced this year as part of this over 2-million-dollar investment. …. The streets for this round include Kirkmore Drive, Highland Terrace, Darwood Grove, Green St, Seiler Road, Hartzell Road, Paulding Road, Edwardsburg Place. Fox Home Drive, Edgerose Drive, Middleboro Place, Doyle Road, Moeller Road, Wayne Haven Street, Bedford Drive, Minnich Road, Walnut Ridge Drive, Aberdeen Lane, Glencoe Boulevard, Scots Lane, Sturm Street, and Old Maumee Road. We are in the process of applying for another 1.5 million dollars of matching grant funds—if awarded over 5 million dollars will be invested this year on resurfacing New Haven streets. We appreciate your patience as we have worked diligently to catch up on long deferred maintenance.

The long-awaited INDOT Landin Road reconstruction is complete including the county’s scour project of the bridges under supports. The improvements include pedestrian access, streetlights, and much more. This long-needed improvement is now a beautiful gateway into our historic downtown! The road is beautiful and will serve our amazing community for generations to come. Thank you for your patience I know that everyone - including myself - was inconvenienced by the closure of the road.

Today, I am excited to announce a section of Landin Road between North River and Rose Avenue will be renamed to Broadway Boulevard … the Broadway corridor, from The Maumee River down to Schnelker Park, tells the story of how New Haven went from a plat to a town, to a city. In the beginning, the Maumee River was used to transport goods and services. As time progressed, New Haven became recognized as a connection point to communities in the surrounding area. In the 19th Century the Wabash and Erie Canal was built establishing New Haven as a transportation hub, which brought the steam locomotive here in the 1860’s. This combined with the 20th century Interurban and Lincoln Highway accelerated the growth of New Haven. This corridor holds such a rich history. At the south end of Broadway is Schnelker Park, our gathering place for over 100 years and our Veteran’s Memorial Park, a place to remember those who have served.

I’m so excited to share the launch of “the Boulevard of Heroes” for the north end of Broadway. We have been planning this for a few years. The Boulevard of Heroes will extend from North River to Rose Avenue. You may have noticed the beautiful streetlights have banner brackets attached to them. Soon these lights will become living memorials to those who have served or are serving. The East side of the Boulevard will be dedicated to Public Safety, the everyday community heroes of Dispatch, Police, Fire and EMS. The west side of the Boulevard will feature Veterans and active military who have dedicated themselves to the freedoms we enjoy today and everyday, including some who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Soon you will be able walk, ride a bike or drive along the Boulevard of Heroes, a tribute to not only those who serve but those who have served.

The Broadway corridor will bring the past and Present of New Haven together from the rich history of Schnelker Veteran’s Memorial Park to The Boulevard of Heroes. I’m proud of our heritage, and I hope you are too.

Last year we adopted an updated comprehensive plan and Lincoln Highway Corridor Plan. Both plans are being implemented and guiding the future development of our community. Thank you to the many citizens who volunteered time and submitted their vision for our great community’s future.

During the first term, we launched new methods of communicating externally. Between a robust website with easier access to public information, a vibrant social media presence with over 4000 followers, live streaming of Board of Works and City Council Meetings, and the implementation of See, Click Fix – New Haven’s 311 online app we are able to reach more people and share information more timely. The 3-1-1 app allows residents to easily communicate with city staff about various things, from pothole reporting to missed trash pickup and streetlight outages. New Haven 311 is available to download and use now.

Team New Haven has worked hard to identify additional cost-saving measures and internal policy changes to ensure essential services are provided at the lowest cost possible. In my first term, we were able to work with IDEM and the EPA to modify the 2012 consent decree to allow us to use new technology to save the rate payers approximately $10 Million over time. We have broken ground and construction is moving forward on the new Wet Weather Treatment Facility.

One of the accomplishments I am most proud of are the relationships we have developed with elected officials at the Federal, State, township, and County levels- relationships that have provided New Haven a seat at the table in many discussions affecting our future.-- our city’s interests are being represented and has an impactful voice at the table.

Our Senior Staff lead their departments following our core values of Integrity, Community Focus, Transparency, Forward Thinking, and Drive.

Over the last 4 years, Team New Haven has reviewed policies, implemented efficiencies, and re-evaluated nearly everything your city does on a daily basis. At this time, I’d like to recognize Team New Haven: 

  • Fire Chief: Josh Hale
  • New Police Chief: James Krueger
  • Parks Superintendent: Nick Goranson
  • Chief of Staff: Richard Lower
  • HR Director: Kalie Selking
  • Public Works Director: Dave Jones
  • Planning and Zoning Director: Nathan Hooley
  • Community and Economic Development Director: Pone Vongphachanh
  • Engineering and Project Manager: Rick Krutcheon
  • DebAnne Smith as the Mayor’s Executive Assistant\
  • And myself as your Mayor.

From Fighting Fires to providing safe drinking water, from collecting leaves to plowing snow, from Plan Review to Economic Development, from protecting our community to growing our community, and from offering programs to working with residents to teach them more about how the city of New Haven operates - together your city team works hard for you every day to make New Haven the best Place to Live, Work, Play, Run a business, and Visit in Northeast Indiana. Essential Services, Recreation, Community, Building; that is a typical day for Team New Haven.

Our Corporate Engagement Specialists: Bill and Cassidy have met with over 100 businesses and developers who are interested in investing in our great community. These visits were to strengthen our relationship with business leaders in our community and learn how we can support their organizations. We have enlisted Retail Strategies to assist us on attracting additional retail and hospitality offerings.

Our Community Engagement Specialist Ras has taken the city’s communication and community events to a whole new level! We added a new event and expand Summer Fest to 3 days.

We are on course to see hundreds of millions of dollars of outside investment occur in our great community over the next few years. Just to the west of here is crossroads multi-family, a 30mm mixed use housing and retail complex that will provide additional needed housing opportunities with 135 market rate deluxe townhomes. North on Landin Road, Gateway recently broke ground with 60 additional much needed market rate rental units with deluxe amenities. Joining us today is Mark Musselman from M2 Investments and Brian Snyder from Crossroads New Haven, thank you Brian and Mark for believing in and investing in our great community.

More housing options are in the works and discussions are continuing with multiple developers. As a matter of fact, in 2023, TeamNewHaven hosted New Haven’s first ever developer’s summit. A summit to learn how to conduct development in New Haven, suggestions on how New Haven can be more efficient and why developers should invest in our great city. This room was packed, and the feedback was strong.

We continue to work on plans for the long dreamt of Youth Sports Complex. Details are being finalized on Fields of Grace- and the surrounding area, truly a dream come true for the community.

Promises have been kept, and we’re moving New Haven forward.

Businesses like SDI, Sanko Gosei, Trelleborg and New Haven’s own Continental Diamond Tool continue to expand both their facilities and employment opportunities. Joining us today are Stacy and Nick Viggiano… thank you for continuing to invest in New Haven. CDT could be located anywhere in the world but they chose New Haven and we appreciate that!

In 2023 We saw a record number of new home permits with a total investment of over $30 Million. Nearly $35 million was invested in the Commercial and industrial sector. That’s impressive! We are growing!

Our certified Net Assessed value was 523 million dollars in 2019 as I stand here today it is 834 million dollars. An increase of over 59% in just a few years. And were on our way to surpassing 1 billion dollars by the end of this decade!

Our top priority is the community’s safety. As I stand here today, I am happy to report that we now have 27 sworn officer positions. This is a more than 30% increase in the last few years as there were 20 when our administration took office. The Public Safety expansion at City Hall is under construction to house additional officers and provide training areas. Thanks to the city residents and business owners that served on the building planning committee.

In the last three years, we added a training room and additional bay to the main fire station, remodeled the downtown station, added a new Fire Engine and new ambulances. Bringing additional services and safety to the community.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are far too many things and people to mention here today since we’re meeting during the noon hour however, this demonstrates that we’re making tremendous progress, we’re growing at record speed, we’re working with great partners, we have a dedicated city team and we’re not stopping because we will not waiver in our quest to continue to make New Haven an inclusive, welcoming place for all. New Haven will always be a great place to live! We challenge what some characterize as the impossible and turn it into reality, we are Team New Haven.

Our partners at the County, Township, and state levels along with East Allen County Schools, New Haven Chamber and New Haven Community Foundation are all progressing in the same direction.

The state of New Haven is strong, but that does not mean that we do not face challenges. Challenges like the need for additional types of housing, as a retired real estate professional of 27 years I can tell you that a diverse housing stock is vital to the sustainability of and long-term success of our community. Housing stock that includes market rate rentals, workforce obtainable- affordable housing, townhomes, and traditional homes. We, like many communities, are losing young residents to communities that provide the quality of place, the quality of life they demand including rental options.

We must continue to attract outside investment and investors to grow our community and provide jobs, housing and needed services for our residents.

While some of these challenges are immense, so is Team New Haven’s resolve to address and conquer these challenges. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have opportunities, perhaps like never before, to grow our community, while maintaining our heritage. Our Heritage is strong and so is our future.

We are a community that stands for the flag, honors veterans and values Public Safety and Military. Our opportunities are endless, Historic Broadway, Mary Lands Farm Park, CASAD Industrial Park, Fields of Grace, the development of the Lincoln Highway/930 corridor, the Landin Road Corridor, Destination New Haven, Boulevard of Heroes and so much more!

The opportunity is here for each of us to make our community better and stronger. I challenge each of you to find a way, and more importantly to do it, to make New Haven better.

The government, the residents, and the businesses are working together and can achieve great things and create opportunities out of challenges that arise.

Reflecting on the past four years, we’ve seen the emergence of hundreds of new homes, welcomed a wave of new residents, generated numerous job opportunities, fostered existing and new relationships, and experienced a substantial increase in assessed valuations, totaling millions of dollars.

As we step into 2024, the horizon is promising, with plans for the construction of many new homes, the creation of numerous job opportunities, and much more in store. The dedicated city team is tirelessly working to ensure New Haven's sustainability for the future. I often remind our team that we embody the three "exs" – feeling exhausted, excited, and exhilarated, sometimes all in the same day. It's a testament to the dynamic and impactful work we are collectively working toward.

I am proud to announce this year's Mayor's Choice non-profit. Each year, as your Mayor, I have the honor of recognizing a distinguished New Haven Non-Profit as the "Mayor's Choice." In 2020, I inaugurated this tradition by selecting the New Haven Food Bank. Little did we know then how the world would undergo significant changes in the months that followed. In 2021, we celebrated The Powerhouse on their 25th anniversary, followed by the Learn Resource Center in 2022, and in 2023, we acknowledged the New Haven Community Foundation on their 10th Anniversary.

This year, we spotlight a new nonprofit that holds the promise of positively impacting and enhancing many lives. Spearheaded by a dedicated group of citizens and businesses, in collaboration with the New Haven Chamber, this group adheres to the Indiana OCRA "Main Street Community Guidelines" – a program our administration strongly supports.

Historic Broadway is set to play a pivotal role in shaping future events and the overall feel of Broadway and our downtown business district. Today, I extend an invitation for you to contribute to this meaningful cause. Envelopes are conveniently placed on your table, and I encourage you to make checks payable to Historic Broadway. I am thrilled to announce that one of our sponsors, GFW, has generously committed to matching the first $750 collected today. I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Tammy Taylor, John Pape, and Vince Fendel for their unwavering dedication to downtown and New Haven. If you could please stand, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your commitment and Contribution.

Click Here to View New Haven's 2023 Annual Report

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