Additional Services & Reports

The New Haven Police Department proudly delivers a range of community services, including: a daily log of police activity, obtaining permits, paying a traffic ticket, and much more.

Our administrative staff provides excellent assistance to our residents such as aiding citizens in records requests. Our Department is committed to the highest standards, we take pride in offering the professional service our community deserves.

Crash Reports

To obtain a crash report, individuals can reach out to the local law enforcement agency that responded to the incident. In most cases, these reports are available for request online through You will need to have on hand: the date, time, and location of the accident, as well as the names of involved parties, processing times and fees, for accurate and prompt assistance in obtaining a crash report.

Daily Activity Police Log

For insight into the daily activities of the police department, individuals can access the daily police activity logs. These logs provide a comprehensive overview of incidents, responses, and operations conducted by law enforcement for the day.

Miscellaneous Services

If you are looking for additional information on obtaining permits or uncommon services, you should be able to find them here. If you do not find your desired service, please call the Police Department at 260.748.7080 during Administration Hours.

Obtaining a Handgun Permit

To obtain a handgun permit, individuals must file an application through the provided portal at On July 1, 2022, the State of Indiana passed a law eliminating the requirement to obtain a handgun permit to legally carry, conceal, or transport a handgun within the state. This law DOES NOT allow everyone to carry a handgun as Indiana Law contains certain criteria which must be met for a person to legally carry within the state. You can learn more about these guidelines.

Pay Traffic Ticket

Paying a traffic ticket is a straightforward process that can be paid online. Alternatively you can visit the County Clerk to find out where to drop off your payment. Note that not all tickets issued in Indiana are available on the provided site, and not all tickets are eligible for online payment.

Request for Access to Public Records

You must appear in person and a valid ID is required to obtain the report. A Public Access Form will be made available during the request process. Questions can be directed to 260.748.7083 or 260.748.7080.