As the City of New Haven continues to experience record development, the need for new development and more resources to support the community increases. Demand is at an all-time high which required the Economic Development Department to conduct both retail and hotel studies. New Haven has found that visitation and shopping has increased within the region significantly and New Haven is part of the boom happening in Northeast Indiana. Affordable living has attracted residents and visitors across the country with a large quantity coming from the West.

In an effort to be proactive and remain up to date on the potential that the City holds, the Hotel and Retail Studies were contracted out. New Haven is uniquely situated as a hub for tourism activities, and to have a robust tourism program, the City needs places for people to stay and shop.

Retail Study

The information represented in the Retail Study document represents the key highlights for the New Haven community. New Haven contracted Retail Strategies to analyze:

  • Demographics
  • Daytime Population
  • GAP Analysis
  • 4 Focus Categories

Hotel Study

The information presented in the Hotel Study outlined the lodging feasibility of a hotel in New Haven. it gives a full review of the City's attractions and population size and how its ability to support a hotel within city limits. New Haven contracted Core Distinction Group, LLC to analyze:

  • Hotel Segment Recommended
  • Hotel Size Recommended
  • Economic Impact on the City of New Haven
  • Market Demand
  • Proposed Property Location
  • Cost of Construction and Operations
  • Potential Revenue