For Residents

Prosperity in New Haven has not happened by chance. Over the decades, the New Haven community has grown from a small city primarily for housing, into a renowned award-winning suburban community that is highly respected and desired for its role in the regional economy while also being highly desirable for its outstanding quality of life for residents.

While the City pursued the development of the community for generations, the Community and Economic Development Department was only created in 2019 when the first full-time community and economic development director was hired.

The City's Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for working with developers, property owners, businesses, and residents to generate new investment, enhance the tax base, create employment opportunities, and ensure that desirable goods and services are readily available. In addition, the Department organizes the City-led annual events, and manages all communications coming out of the administrative offices.

If you have any questions about development happening in your neighborhood, new businesses in the area, or events happening throughout the City, please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator or the Department Director.


If your are looking for the most up-to-date source for things to do in the community, check out our events calendar that is continuously updated as new events come about. You can also look to our resource list of things to do from shopping to restaurants, and so much more!