Halloween Happenings

Trick or Treat Parade (1)

Trick or Treat Parade 

Costumes are fun, but sometimes Halloween can be a little overwhelming and scary to the younger ages.  Let's dress up and show off our Halloween costumes together! Join us for this fun, safe, indoor, merry not scary parade of costumes through the New Haven Community Center.  We invite senior citizens, volunteers, and businesses  to reserve a table, dress up and pass out candy to the little ones, call the Park Office at 260-749-2212 for details or REGISTER HERE. YOU MUST REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE!

Want to reach out to the community?

The Park Department is inviting  senior citizens, volunteers, non-profit organizations, and businesses to reserve a table, dress up, and pass out treats to the little ones. Call the Park Office for details or REGISTER HERE to pass out treats.