Engineering Project Updates

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Private Lateral Rehab, Repair and Replacement Program (3R Program)

3R Program Information: * Applications are due by May 20th, 2022 at 5:00PM

3R Program Brochure

3R Phase I Map

3R Phase II Map

Landin road improvements (indot project)

This project will include reconstruction of the existing pavement to provide for two travel lanes with raised median. Also included are pedestrian sidewalks on both sides of the road, ADA curb ramps, new storm sewers, streetlight and traffic signal modifications. The project requires right-of-way acquisition from 3 properties. Due to Federal funding limitations, this project has been split in two phases. Phase one (Landin Road between Powers Street and 75' north of N.&S. railroad tracks) is expected to be under construction in 2021. Phase two (Landin Road between 75' north of N.&S. railroad tracks and N. River Road) is expected to be under construction in 2022.

There is now a Facebook page for this project that has been created and will be maintained by Structure Point.  To access, follow this link:  Landin Road Facebook

Community Crossings:

CC-2020-01  Green Road Ph 2 & Lincoln Highway Improvements

Green Road:  The location of this project begins approximately 400 feet south of Moeller Road/Green Road intersection (Ending point of phase 1) and continues south to the intersection of Green Road and Willow Bay Drive. The project will include the following items: resurfacing, installation of curb and gutter, installation of underground storm sewer system, installation of 5-foot-wide sidewalk on the west side, installation of ADA ramps, minor grading and seeding.

Lincoln Highway:  The scope of this project includes Resurfacing Lincoln Hwy. The project will consist of these components; Asphalt base repairs, removal of the existing surface by roto-milling, resurfacing, sidewalk improvements (elimination of barriers), ADA curb ramps, installation of bicycle lanes, traffic signal improvements, driveway reconstruction (if needed), minor lawn grading, seeding and site restoration.