Every four years the Clerk-Treasurer is elected to office as is the Mayor, Judge, and Common Council. 


The Clerk-Treasurer's duties are specifically defined by law. Those duties include:

More Duties

  • Have charge of all documents and books entrusted to the office by statute or ordinance
  • Maintain grant records
  • Responsible for the monthly utility billing for all residents
  • Serve as clerk of the city legislative body and maintain custody of its records
  • Serve as clerk to the New Haven/Adams Township Governing Body
  • Solemnize marriages
  • Swear in new Police Officers and Firefighters

Fiscal Officer Duties

  • Accounts payable to all vendors
  • Act as a financial advisor to the Mayor and City Council
  • Audit all accounts of the City and submit an annual report
  • Creation of the annual budget and posting to Gateway
  • Issue all City licenses
  • Manage and Invest the City's finances and accounts
  • Processing of City employees' payroll
  • Receipt and deposit of all incoming funds