Neighborhood Advocate

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Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council has been established in New Haven to provide an opportunity for young adults to get involved and learn about their local government. As Youth Council Coordinator, Deb-Anne works with other adult advisors and interacts with young adults to build mutual respect and work together as a group to acquire the knowledge of local government attempting to bridge the gap between the adults and youth in our community.

By participating in the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, our young adults will be able to develop stronger leadership skills while working in conjunction with the Mayor, City Council, and other local government departments as they serve as a forum for the youth of New Haven.

For More Information

All interested students must complete an application and submit it to Youth Council Coordinator Deb-Anne Smith at the Mayor's Office. For more information, please contact Deb-Anne at 260-748-7070.

New Haven Citizens’ Academy

The New Haven Citizens’ Academy was developed to engage New Haven citizens with their city government by:

  • Providing an interactive forum to learn first-hand how the City of New Haven is structured and managed
  • Maintaining the city’s relationship with Allen County and other public agencies
  • What services and programs are available through city agencies
  • How to access needed services
  • How to apply this knowledge by serving as an information resource for your neighborhoods, non-profit groups, and local businesses