Mayor Steven McMichael's Office

As Mayor of our great city I believe that New Haven City Employees all share the same purpose: To help make New Haven the best place To Live, Work, Play, Run a Business or Visit in Northeast Indiana.

Our Core Values are: Respect, Integrity, Innovation and Accountability. The dedicated men and women of the city of New Haven work hard everyday to provide excellent service to all using these core principles for guidance.

Our Administration places a strong emphasis on the following:

•    Open Communication: Our core principles of Innovation and Accountability are being achieved thru increased ways of communicating with New Haven residents, businesses and other area community leaders. 

•    Economic Development: We are constantly in discussion with housing, commercial and industrial prospects, along with other government officials to highlight the opportunities that are abundant in our great city

•    Public Safety:  We take Public Safety seriously, from our life saving ALS EMS service to our Police, Fire and Dispatch Staff, these agencies work everyday 24/7 to keep New Haven safe.

•    Fiscal Responsibility: Together with the Clerk Treasure Natalie Strock we are working to identify inefficiencies and updating processes to help save tax payer money. After all, we are accountable to the residents and business owners for the good stewardship of tax dollars.

•    Intra-Government Relationships: As Mayor, I am continuing to build relationships with other elected officials including our Congressional and Senator officials in Washington DC, our Statehouse officials in Indianapolis,  along with area elected officials in Allen County and many  communities including Fort Wayne, Woodburn, Huntertown and East Allen County Schools.

•    Quality of Life: We place a high emphasis on creating an even greater place to live, from the planned improvements at The Community Center to discussions of increased connectivity thru our trail system, we are always looking for ideas and ways to make the New Haven community an even better place to Live, Work, Play, Run a Business, or Visit!

•    Infrastructure: We are in the process of developing a plan to repair our roadways, utility infrastructure and other community needs, all while looking for ways to minimize the financial burdens on our residents and business owners.

•    Community Building: Thru the Veteran’s Service Coordinator and Senior Service Coordinator your city government is helping to connect the dots for Veterans and Senior Citizens. But our outreach will not end there, we will be adding a Neighborhood Services Coordinator and Public Safety Coordinator (All Volunteer Positions) in the coming months. There are many ways you can help make your community better! See our volunteer page to be contacted about current opportunities. 

•    Diversity/Inclusion: The administration has reached out to include many residents, who have not previously been involved in City Government thru service on Boards and Commissions. 

As we embark on our New Haven 2030 Vision I believe the 20’s will be the decade of New Haven and all of East Allen County.