City Wide Trash Service

The City of New Haven has offered city-wide garbage service since 2006. Optional biweekly recycling service is also an option for residents. After being awarded a five year contract in 2015, Republic Services is the current provider for the City of New Haven.

Helpful Resources

For questions on how to sign up for trash and recycling service, questions about your bill, questions from residents who require special assistance, or other general questions regarding trash service, contact Republic Services at 800-876-9001.

Trash Service

  • Bulk Items
  • Report Missed Trash Collection
  • Request Extra Tote
  • Sign up for Trash Service

Recycling Service

  • Recycling Weekly
  • Report Missed Recycling Collection
  • Request Extra Recycling Tote
  • Sign Up for Recycling Services

Trash & Recycle Carts

Cart delivery, removal or exchanges occurs every three working days. If you need to call for a cart delivery, removal or exchange after confirming the service you need, please contact customer service at 800-876-9001.

Bulk Items

Bulk item service occurs the first full week of every month. "First full week" of the month is defined when service occurs on the first Monday of the month and service runs uninterrupted through Friday. 

One single bulk item can be picked up at your curb at no charge when it is set out for collection during the first full week of the month on your day of collection. This includes furniture and appliances. Residents must contact Republic Services to schedule any bulk item pick-ups at 800-876-9001.

Large Units

for larger units such as (refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners), certification of refrigerant removal must be on the unit along with a $15 sticker prior to pick-up by Republic Services. Residents must contact Republic Services to schedule any bulk item pick-ups at 800-876-9001.

Excluded Items

The following items are prohibited and will not be collected as bulk items: 

  • Batteries
  • Computers, Including monitors
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Handheld electronic devices
  • Hard drives
  • Keyboards
  • Laptops
  • Radio/stereo components
  • Televisions

Residents should contact the Allen County Solid Waste District for any electronic items at 260-449-7265.

Notification & Communication

Republic Services will forward letters directly to residents for any changes to services, including route change, service day pick-ups, billing, suspension of service or any other notifications related to service. If service is delayed or postponed due to inclement weather, Republic Services will issue "automated calls" to residents and issue a public announcement regarding service. Residents can also watch your local news channels for any delay or postponement of services.

City Ordinance

As a reminder to all residents, Section 52.12 of Ordinance Number G-16-8 provides that: Trash containers and recycling containers may be set out no earlier than 4 pm on the day preceding collection and shall be removed no later than 6 am on the day following collection; and all trash containers and recycling containers must be stored either inside the garage or on the side of the house at a minimum of four feet behind the front of the house when not placed out for collection.