Police Department

Mission Statement

With a vision for the future and a tradition of excellence, we are dedicated to providing professional law enforcement services while working to obtain justice and equality for all the residents and visitors in our city. The New Haven Police shall treat all people fairly, impartially, and with respect and dignity while maintaining the integrity of the profession. It is the mission of the department to work proactively with the citizens to prevent criminal activities and to enhance the quality of life within our community.

About Department

The New Haven Police Department currently has:

  • 22 full time Officers
  • 6 full time Dispatchers
  • 9 part time Dispatchers
  • 3 part time Crossing Guards
  • 2 full time Clerical Administrators
  • 7 Reserve Police Officers

Each person on this department has very important functions to assist in achieving the overall mission of the New Haven Police Department.


The New Haven Police Department is proud to offer many services to the community. Officers are active teaching safety awareness programs to the students of our public and private schools.

Our officers are pleased that they are still able to provide the citizens of New Haven the personalized services that are often times no longer available or offered by larger departments. Officers assist citizens when they are locked out of their vehicles. Our department also continues to conduct routine property checks for citizens who go on vacation or are away from their residence for an extended period of time.

The members of the New Haven Police Department hold themselves to the highest standards and we are proud to provide you the professional service that you deserve.