Our mission is to provide efficient, centralized and cost-effective municipal engineering services to the residents and businesses, striving to enhance the quality of life in the City of New Haven.


The City of New Haven Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, coordination and the preparation of:

  • Bid procedures

  • Estimates

  • Plans

  • Specifications

  • Other design matters for public works construction and improvement projects:

    • Sanitary sewers

    • Storm drainage systems

    • Street resurfacing and construction

    • Waterline projects

Management & Preparation

The Engineering Department also:

  • Manages other related engineering activities such as surveying, mapping, subdivision, and plat review

  • Prepares and monitors grant applications

  • Provides engineering review for developers, citizens, agencies, and others

  • Provides engineering assistance in the operation, construction, maintenance, and repair activities involving:

    • Conveyance

    • Sewage collection

    • Storage and distribution

    • Water transmission

  • Assists in providing estimates and forecasts for long-range planning

  • Provides investigations for public works functions

  • Investigates citizen complaints relating to public works activities

Reports & Budgeting

The Engineering Department also:

  • Prepares written and verbal reports as requested

  • Prepares and monitors the engineering department budget

  • Supervises subordinate employees

  • Attends City Council and other public meetings as directed