The City of New Haven Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, coordination and the preparation of:

  • Bid procedures
  • Estimates
  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Other design matters for public works construction and improvement projects:
    • Sanitary sewers
    • Storm drainage systems
    • Street resurfacing and construction
    • Waterline projects

Management & Preparation

The Engineering Department also:

  • Manages other related engineering activities such as surveying, mapping, subdivision, and plat review
  • Prepares and monitors grant applications
  • Provides engineering review for developers, citizens, agencies, and others
  • Provides engineering assistance in the operation, construction, maintenance, and repair activities involving:
    • Conveyance
    • Sewage collection
    • Storage and distribution
    • Water transmission
  • Assists in providing estimates and forecasts for long-range planning
  • Provides investigations for public works functions
  • Investigates citizen complaints relating to public works activities

Reports & Budgeting

The Engineering Department also:

  • Prepares written and verbal reports as requested
  • Prepares and monitors the engineering department budget
  • Supervises subordinate employees
  • Attends City Council and other public meetings as directed